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Opening Hours: 9:00 am-12:00 am ,18:00 pm-22:00 pm


※ Instructions for the Outdoor Swimming Pool Safety

1. The swimming pool is 1600 cm long, 880 wide, and 50-120 cm deep.
2. Only those above 140 cm are allowed to enter the Pool alone. Children between 3-12 shall be accompanied by their parents.
3. To avoid slipping down and getting hurt, please don’t run or chase after others at the Pool.
4. To avoid bumping into others or bumping into the Pool, please don’t push others into the Pool.
5. Jumping into the water is strictly forbidden. You might hurt your neck and become paralyzed for life because of the pool is shallow.
6. To avoid suffocating others because of choking in water, don’t press others into the water while in the Pool.
7. To avoid accidents, please judge your ability when diving into the water.
8. Please leave the Pool and take a rest when you feel cold or are about to have a cramp during a water activity.
9. To avoid getting hurt because of being kicked by others, please open your eyes and keep a safe distance with the swimmers before you when swimming.
10. When you find someone drowning, please immediately yell “someone’s drowning” or call 119 to the Fire Department for help.
11. If you haven’t learned lifesaving, please don’t rush into the water for rescue.
12. If you find you are not able to make it back in the Pool, please raise your hands for help or yell “help” loudly immediately.
13. Those getting drunk are not allowed to enter the Pool.


※ Instructions for Outdoor Swimming Pool Hygiene

1. Those with infectious diseases are forbidden to enter the Pool.
2. Those with infectious eye or skin diseases are forbidden to enter the Pool.
3. Those with high blood pressure and heart disease are forbidden to enter the Pool.
4. No pets in the Pool.
5. Don’t eat or smoke around the Pool.
6. Please take a shower, remove your makeup, and clean your swimming suit and cap before entering the Pool.


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